5 (More!) Tips for Weight Loss

It’s about midway through January—often the time when people start slacking off from their healthy resolutions. Maybe your workout routines are getting boring, or you’re eating healthy but not seeing the scale budge. It may be time to refocus and remind yourself why you started this journey. Here are a list of five (more!) tips … Continue reading 5 (More!) Tips for Weight Loss

4 Non-Scale Victories to Celebrate

The success of a healthy lifestyle can be measured in many different ways—but often, we get wrapped up in that number we see on the scale. It can ultimately make or break our day; if we see the numbers decrease, we pat ourselves on the back. Conversely, when the number on the scale creeps upwards, … Continue reading 4 Non-Scale Victories to Celebrate

5 Tips for Weight Loss Success

I am not a newbie when it comes to riding the proverbial weight loss roller coaster. I've tried all of the popular weight loss programs, and while each program has a different variation, generally, they all echo the same message. With that being said, I am not going to sit here and claim that one … Continue reading 5 Tips for Weight Loss Success