4 Weight-Loss Motivators

So you're in a weight-loss funk. You feel like nothing is working, and you're ready to throw in the towel. You'll be doing fantastic for a while, but then (poof!) all of your motivation disappears. You can't seem to remember your why. Why are you doing this? Why are you working so hard? It's time … Continue reading 4 Weight-Loss Motivators

5 Ways to Maintain your Weight Loss

There is tons of information out there to help you be successful in your weight loss journey, but what happens when you've reached your goal? Does it mean that the work is done and you can celebrate by going for pizza, Fro-yo, and drinks? Not exactly. While it is definitely a reason to cheer, using … Continue reading 5 Ways to Maintain your Weight Loss

4 Things to Consider Before Starting a Diet

So you know you want to live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight, but how do you determine which plan is right for you? Picking the right weight-loss program is a vital component to your overall success, and there are many things to keep in mind when choosing. Whether you’re relying on calorie in/ calorie … Continue reading 4 Things to Consider Before Starting a Diet

5 (More!) Tips for Weight Loss

It’s about midway through January—often the time when people start slacking off from their healthy resolutions. Maybe your workout routines are getting boring, or you’re eating healthy but not seeing the scale budge. It may be time to refocus and remind yourself why you started this journey. Here are a list of five (more!) tips … Continue reading 5 (More!) Tips for Weight Loss

21 Tips for Weight-Loss Success in 2021

Happy New Year! You said goodbye to 2020, and you’re excited to start this next chapter. Chances are you have made your New Year’s Resolution, and this is going to be the year that you're finally going to take control and lose weight. This might have been your resolution in the past, but by mid-January, … Continue reading 21 Tips for Weight-Loss Success in 2021

5 Ways All-or-Nothing Thinking is Destroying Your Diet

You strive for perfection every day—in your career, as a parent, and concerning your health and appearance. While setting the bar high can help keep you accountable, it can also lead to burnout and goal fatigue. Sometimes things don't turn out how we'd planned; a little thing called life gets in the way (imagine that!) … Continue reading 5 Ways All-or-Nothing Thinking is Destroying Your Diet

4 Non-Scale Victories to Celebrate

The success of a healthy lifestyle can be measured in many different ways—but often, we get wrapped up in that number we see on the scale. It can ultimately make or break our day; if we see the numbers decrease, we pat ourselves on the back. Conversely, when the number on the scale creeps upwards, … Continue reading 4 Non-Scale Victories to Celebrate

6 Tips for Quitting Smoking Without Gaining Weight

So you've decided to quit smoking—congratulations! It’s costly, smelly, and above all it’s bad for your health. No matter how healthy your diet is, or how many sets you can do at the gym, all that hard work is erased when you smoke. You’ve thought about quitting for a while now—envisioning yourself living a healthier … Continue reading 6 Tips for Quitting Smoking Without Gaining Weight

Don’t Let PMS Sabotage Your Diet

You're enjoying the fruits of your labor—the last few weeks, your diet has been on point, you've been crushing it at the gym, and you've been getting quality sleep. Great job! But when you step on the scale, you are horrified to see, despite these successes, the number has crept up, resulting in a five-pound … Continue reading Don’t Let PMS Sabotage Your Diet